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Mound House is a cultural and environmental learning experience that your students will never forget. The downloadable documents below give you everything you need to ensure everyone gets as much as they can from this adventure. Book a tour with us if you haven’t planned for your school trip to the Mound House.



The Mound House site is limited in size and can accommodate a maximum of 50 students per school visit.  Mound House student activities are conducted in an “outdoor classroom” setting as some of the programs and activities are preformed outside. We recommend bringing insect repellent, sunscreen, bottled water, and snacks. Picnicking is available on Mound House grounds. Unfortunately, storage is not available. Traffic can be challenging, especially in peak tourist season (January-April) so we ask that field trips are planned for the Fall Semester when traffic makes visiting our museum much more practical. 


Field Trip rates are:

Student  – $5.00/student for a guided field trip tour
Teachers/Chaperones – Free 

Field Trips include admission to the museum, and the underground exhibit Stories Beneath Our Feet.

Please have your student and adult numbers tallied ahead of time and have a designated adult provide total payment in the form of a credit card or check at the Ticket Office/Museum Store at time of arrival. 


School buses should enter the Mound House grounds at the end of Connecticut St., drive through the gates along the crushed shell driveway to the sidewalk leading to the house, and unload passengers here. Buses can be parked in the grass.  

Drivers of private vehicles are to unload passengers in the Main Parking Lot, but park in the Overflow Lot at 216 Connecticut St. Two accessible parking spaces are also available at the Mound House, one located near the Restroom/Office, and the second in the Main Parking Lot.   

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