Field Trip Information

About Mound House Field Trips

Mound House field trips are ideal for 4th and 5th grade level students. However, our programs are adaptable to audiences of varying grade levels – email or call 239-765-0865 with questions.

Field trips are scheduled in 2.5 -hour blocks. Students will learn about Florida history and prehistory, how archaeology is used to understand the past, and the connection between humans and the environment.

During your visit, students will participate in 2 chosen activities from our Mound House Activities (listed below), as well as go on a short walking tour of the Observation Pier and Gardens, visit the underground exhibit “Stories Beneath Our Feet” and watch a presentation, and have self-guided teachers and chaperone facilitated and supervised visit to the museum and museum store.

Groups are required to have a minimum of 10 students to be scheduled, and are limited to a maximum of 75 students per visit. A 1:10 ratio of adults to students is required.

Student activities take place in mostly in an outdoor environment – insect repellent, sunscreen, bottled water, and snacks are highly recommended. Groups are welcome to enjoy lunch at the picnic tables following the conclusion of the field trip programs. No secured storage for lunches or coolers are available. Bathrooms are available on site. All facilities are ADA accessible.

Due to heavy traffic on Fort Myers Beach from January through April, we encourage morning visits and if possible for trips to be taken May through December.

Payment and completion of appropriate paperwork is required before activities can take place.

Student Programs Offered

Please chose two

Calusa Tools – The Calusa utilized natural resources for tools to gather food and water and to build shelters. Students will learn how tools were made and used by the Calusa and how these tools helped that culture rise to power as a dominant force in the Florida’s history. Participants will observe a demonstration of spear throwing and be given the opportunity to use the atlatl to throw a spear.

Calusa Masks – Students will learn about Calusa masks with replica wooden masks, and the use of masks by the Calusa and cultures around the world. Students will then draw and color a mask that represents someone or something in their lives.

Rancho Life: Students will explore the environment and history of early U.S. Latino settlers during the 1st Spanish, British, 2nd Spanish, and US American colonization of Florida. Students will learn about the people, environment, economics, and the reasons leading up to the creation and abandonment of these rancho settlements. The program will involve a plastic fish tossing game.

Boom and Bust – Students will examine Anglo-American settlement and the development of modern Florida and modern industries in Southwest Florida like agriculture and tourism. Students will design their own homestead during the program.

Archaeology of the Mound House – Students will learn about the science behind archaeology and the techniques and tools used to uncover clues about the culture of the Calusa. Students will examine the Mound House as an archaeologist with a mapping activity.