The Mound House survived Hurricane Ian and reopened the five exhibits in the museum building on April 4th, 2023. The exhibit Stories Beneath Our Feet (Underground Museum) however will be closed for repairs until further notice. Staff members are busy working to ensure the archaeological integrity of the exhibit and its reopening. If you are interested in supporting this effort please click here to donate to the Friends of the Mound House.

Since 2000, over $3 million have been spent to acquire, renovate, and operate the Mound House. An impressive 70% of that cost has come from state, county, and local grant sources, including the full purchase price of $1,031,000 awarded by Florida Communities Trust.

While these funds have propelled Mound House to being the cultural and environmental experience that it is today — providing an essential educational and recreational resource to public — support is still needed on a continuous basis to maintain and expand our cultural and historical preservation efforts.